Legal & Ethical Issues

What is “Informed Consent”?


Informed consent is a process, which is not specific to organ and tissue donation. This is a process of reaching an agreement based on a full understanding of what will take place, in the form of medical treatment. Informed consent involves information sharing as well as the ability to understand and freely make a choice [...]

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What is “Required Request”?


A required request is a way of getting the consent of the person for the cadaver donor transplantation. Any person, who wishes to donate his/her organ and tissue after his death, has to affirmatively make a pledge that his/her organs after death can be used for transplantation and saving lives of other people. At the [...]

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Whom do I report, in case, I find that there is a sale of organs?


In case, anybody submitting false records or any other delinquency should be reported to the Appropriate Authority of the State Government, Department of Health & Family Welfare. Any hospital, Authorization Committee, or a person can approach the State Appropriate Authority. The Appropriate Authority can file a case against the party. As per the Amended 2011 [...]

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Can people buy / sell organs?


No. As per Transplant of Human Organ Act (THOA), buying/ selling of organ in any way is punishable and has significant financial as well as judicial punishment. Not only in India but in any part of the world, selling of an organ is not permissible.

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What is legal position on Organ Donation?


Organ Transplantation and Donation is permitted by law and covered under the "Transplantation of Human Organs Act 1994", which has allowed organ donation by living & Brain-stem Dead donors. In 2011, amendment of the Act also brought in donation of human tissues, thereby calling the Amended Act "Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act 2011".

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What is National Registry?


The national registry for organ donation & transplant is as follows:- I - Organ Transplant Registry: The Organ Transplant Registry shall include demographic data about the patient waiting for transplant (Organ/hospital wise waiting list), donor (Living Donor including Related Donor, Other than Near Related Donor, Swap Donors, and Deceased Donor), hospitals, follow up details of [...]

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What is National Human Organs and Tissues Removal & Storage Network?


The Central Government has established a National Human Organs and Tissues Removal & Storage Network named NOTTO, which stands for National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation. NOTTO will have five Regional Networks ROTTO (Regional Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) and each Region of the country will develop SOTTO (State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation) in [...]

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