Is there any age limit for Organ Donation?

Age limit for Organ Donation varies, depending upon whether it is living donation or cadaver donation; for example in living donation, person should be above 18 year of age, and for most of the organs deciding factor is the personӳ physical condition and not the age. Specialist healthcare professionals decide which organs are suitable case to case. Organs and tissue from people in their 70s and 80s have been transplanted successfully all over the world. In the case of tissues and eyes, age usually does not matter.A deceased donor can generally donate the Organs & Tissues with the age limit of:

Kidneys, liver:up-to 70 years

Heart, lungs:up-to 50 years

Pancreas, Intestine: up-to 60-65 years

Corneas, skin: up-to 100 years
Heart valves: up-to 50 years
Bone: up-to 70 years