Living Donor Related Transplant

Is it possible to receive organs from a friend or other than near relative?


As per Transplantation of Human Organ Act, any living person other than near relative can also donate organ for the reason of affection and attachment towards recipient or for any other special reason. Such cases have to be approved by the Authorization Committee of the Hospital, where the transplant is going to take place. Approval [...]

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Will I become medically unfit after organ donation?


No, It is a basic principle of living donation program that person remains absolutely healthy for the rest of his/her life after donation. Thus, the donor is not medically unfit for any purpose. However, in a certain situation, a living organ donor is treated differently. Like in the Armed Forces, an organ donor is not [...]

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What is Swap donation?


Sometimes in the family, there is a potential related donor who is otherwise willing but due to blood group mis-matching criteria or due to some other medical reasons is not fit to donate organ to that particular recipient in family. Further, in another family similar situation exists. However, in these two families, donor of one [...]

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What are the different types of living organ donation?


Living Near Related Donors: Only immediate blood relations are accepted usually as donors viz., parents, siblings, children, grandparents and grandchildren (THOA Rules 2014). Spouse is also accepted as a living donor in the category of a near relative and is permitted to be a donor. Living Non- near relative Donors: are other than a near [...]

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Can I donate organ while I am still alive?


Yes, but not all organs and tissues, only few organs can be donated during life. The most common organ donated by a living person is a kidney as a healthy person can lead a completely normal life with only one functional kidney. Kidneys transplanted from living donors have a better chance of long-term survival than [...]

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What is living donor organ donation?


Means a person during his life can donate one kidney (one kidney is capable for maintaining the body functions), a portion of the pancreas (half of the pancreas is adequate for sustaining pancreatic functions) and a part of the liver (the segments of the liver will regenerate after a period of time).

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